A little WebGL Graffiti demo/game I made for everyone to play with.


This is a little game/demo I made with Unity that primarily focused on using WebGL and seeing what I can do with it. I experimented with WebGL in this case, because WebGL makes an application accessible to everyone on any device. It uses some assets I already had rights/licenses to use, which were purchased from various places (Unity Asset Store and It uses PhotonEngine for it's syncing backend. It uses php on this server for it's persistence. I may switch up the music with any music I am provided with.

Will this ever be on steam proper? Probably not. If a proper steam version were to be made, I'd want more allowed CCU's for PhotonEngine, which requires a paid service. Or I'd want to roll out my own web socket system, which would require a bit of work. (Not too much, but more than I want to right now for a demo). And finally I'd want to make it more than one area, with multiple lobbies to go into and paint on. So I guess if a lot of people took interest in this, I would explore new ideas and ways to expand this as a product, right now it's a tinker toy.

Take a Peek:

As each file is persisted, a jpg file is also generated out of the bytes. Because of this, I was able to make a preview page for the entire graffiti board.
Click here to take a peek!


The menu is always controlled by touch/mouse input.




These are pretty straight forward and all have icons on the screen. But here's an explanation of a few not so obvious controls:

Okay, cool, let me play it

OK - click here to
play online
(Web GL Version)


The builds were mainly designed to work for the Steam Deck. However, it'll work on each respective platform. For Steamdeck, I would highly recommend downloading the Linux build, as, well, it's the native platform and won't need proton to run.

Source Code

If you would like to view just the source code of this project, you can view that here:
The assets are mostly 3rd party and cannot be shared.